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We are here for the long term, not short term. Our business has been and continues to be built on relationships developed over many years.

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Your focus is production, ours is risk management. There are many different strategies that can be used, and no two strategies have to be the same. Our job is to find yours.

Alternative Investments

If you are interested in investing using the commodities markets we can accommodate. Whether you are interested in Energies, Metals, or Currencies we have the resources and professional insights.


We provide educational seminars throughout the year regarding the different means of investing in commodities. We show the benefits of using the commodity markets for producers, and investors.

About Jackson Commodities

Jackson Commodities offers a full service futures and options trading platform, as well as, online trading, seminars, and current market information. Jackson Commodities clears through R.J. O’Brien and is located in Hayden, Idaho. Whether you are a speculator or a producer modernizing your marketing plans, our years of experience and expertise offer great resources while utilizing the futures and options market.

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Henry J Kornegay

Henry J Kornegay founded Jackson Commodities in 1987 and is the companies Introducing Broker. He has over 35 years of experience trading futures and options for both hedgers and speculators.

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